Ongoing communication

Ongoing communication to clients/customers, employees and suppliers is important to maintain, while striking a good balance between keeping the lines open and frequency.

No matter what industry you are in, please take time to communicate, whether it is direct email, through email programs like Constant Contact™ or Mail Chimp™, phone calls or texts.

Here are some other communication considerations:

Website– is it up to date? How does your website look? Does it need to be updated with any changes to day to day operations, hours, product availability, and any precautions you are taking regarding the virus and the impact to your employees and clients/customers they should be aware of.

Social media – keeping your posting activity current. People are spending more time online, maybe there is some information about your products and/or services which is informative, or new and important for them to be aware of. Most people like uplifting inspiring communication, tips and helpful ideas and suggestions are also great to share, send and re-post. We can brainstorm on this together, don’t hesitate to reach out (this is the fun stuff to think through).

This one I took from a piece of communication I got from Constant Contact™: “Update your details on your Google My Business Profile and any other areas where you have a listing”. Good time to review and update.

Here is a link with more information on how to do this:

Best and please be safe and healthy!