Many of the clients I work with are feeling not in control of their businesses the way that they want to. They know they should be reviewing and following up, but are not sure where to start or are worried to get so involved in reviewing “stuff” that it will consume too much time. Having the right reporting in place is a critical fundamental for any business. And it doesn’t matter what size your business, there is combination of measurements or metrics that should be considered. Which ones depends on the type of business but there should be at least 2 or 3 measurements from the following categories: 1. Financial 2. Key Business Systems and 3.Customer Satisfaction/Retention. To get started, I generally ask two questions right up front: What does your cash flow look like? and How are you tracking Sales Leads?  Cash flow is critical to financial health and tracking Sales Leads will affect top line –  How are you reporting and tracking these?