Case Studies

Achieving results for our clients is what we do. epc group is committed to our client’s success. Whether you are looking to increase Sales, Profitability, Productivity or Engagement, epc group is ready to help. Our process works. We assess the situation, then we work with you and your business to achieve and accelerate results.


How We Increased Profitability in Less Than a Year for our Clients

Most businesses want to see a return on any investment they make and within a reasonable timeline. We work closely with our clients to identify the gaps, determine the root causes and develop a plan of action to address and support them through implementation to results. Here are a few examples of the impact of our work with our clients. If you would like to learn more on how we can help you and your business, please get in touch and send us a message.

Increased Leads and Sales Conversions


Sales conversion throughout the sales team was not consistent and below the ratios needed to achieve desired Sales targets. Sales funnel management and closing rates were weak. Different sales processes were being used, resulting in less desirable outcomes for customers both in terms of experiences and sales.


epc group reviewed and redefined the company’s sales process. We clarified the ideal customer, decision makers, influencers and champions. We reviewed marketing materials and suggested updates to reflect what their customers needed to see. Sales tools were designed and implemented. A sales training program was created and the sales team was trained on what to sell, who to and how.

Company Impact

Increased lead generation, improved conversion ratios by 50% and in a shorter sales cycle.

Highest level of Sales and Profits


Bottom line earnings were stagnant, not growing and achieving desired targets. Departments (marketing, sales, customer service, operations and admin) were not aligned and focusing on a common goal. Communication across the organization was weak and staff felt uninformed.


epg group refreshed the company’s vision and mission. We identified and prioritized activities across the organization to focus all departments and staff, on what was critical to company success and necessary to complete. We defined critical milestones and key success metrics and implemented a system to track progress. Regular communication cadence with all staff and monthly management reporting was put in place.

Company Impact

Clarity, alignment and focus on common goals resulted in the highest year in sales and bottom line results. The staff were energized and engaged with regular communication and updates.

Increased Productivity and Capacity


Sales were growing but bottom-line profitability wasn’t. More resources were brought in without positive impact and further eroded the bottom line.


epc group initiated and conducted a capacity and resource analysis. Workstreams and workflows were identified along with timelines to complete. Detailed time studies were undertaken for various roles. The combination of these analyses identified various areas of bottlenecks and overstaffing. We mapped out and updated the company’s product/service delivery model to ensure consistent and profitable lead to order fulfillment for the company. We defined the critical and required processes needed to support the model. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were created and staff trained to ensure consistent model delivery.

Company Impact

Massive productivity improvement (in some cases 55% less time to complete particular processes). Company realized they had extra capacity and by following their updated delivery model could increase sales without any further resource adds.



“It feels good to be talking to you about the business. The work you have done for us to date has proven to be invaluable.”

“All the work we have done with you is starting to come together and I have no intentions of stopping it, it’s what was needed.”

“Your Insight and approach are right on the money and I(sic) am really looking forward to digging into the sales strategies part of our business with you.  I see that you really get it and I know we will come up with something great to roll out and use going forward to increase sales and stream better prices.  I actually felt inspired instead of tired after our meeting and am excited to move on to something I like,  although the dashboard and ramping up capacity were the right 1st step to focus on.”

“As always, another fantastic and enlightening session …thank you once again”

“You have done a great job so let’s keep it going. Also the new evaluation system is on all the computers and the administration is starting to use it this week. Undoubtedly it will take a few weeks to run smoothly but everyone is on board. It is great to see some of the ideas we have talked about at length start to become reality.”


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